Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who is God - To defend the faith

Who is God - Defending the faith

         Well, to be more precise it is the followers of the original gospel that are put down more than any others. This is due to the infallibility of the original Gospel. In other words it simply can't be proven wrong and that makes people mad. In fact the belief in the original gospel is the only faith to have never changed or been manipulated since the first books were written over 4,000 years ago (God and History).
         The Original Gospel is so powerful that many people rewrote it in order to start new religions and gain it's power and ability to govern and control a people. Some different versions of the original gospel include the Jewish Tanakh, Muslim Koran, The book of Mormon, Jehovah Witness Bible (known as the New World Translation or the Watch Tower Bible) etc. Although these different beliefs in the Gospel are attacked (Mostly psychologically and by the act of battling wits) by nonreligious sects, none of them are attacked as much as the original Gospel. The original Gospel is attacked by a number of both religious and nonreligious groups. Oh and let me clear up what I mean when I say "attacked." when I say "attacked" I mean the belief is challenged and attacked not physically, and yes, I know People are physically dying all around the world just for teaching the original Gospel but that topic is even more controversial than this one and we should work on our home front sometimes as well. But as I was saying, Defenders of the Original Gospel defend it using science and historical facts about the world. The technique is called apologetic and the ones who learn and practice it are called apologists. Apologists help answer questions like, "Is God real?" "What and who is God?" "Where is God?" using facts. This is some of the reason that Christians are put down, because there is too much proof that the Original Gospel is true which would make Jesus true and make Jesus God. That makes people mad because many people do not want to believe in Jesus Christ. The Very reason we have some many different versions of the Original Gospel is because They had to come up with a new Gospel once they rejected Jesus Christ because the Original Gospel doesn't make any since if Jesus is not in it or if Jesus is not God. Of course no one can write a book like the Bible of the Original Gospel because it was "God inspired" to be written by many men over thousands of years in order to be completed. So many people just rewrote Gospel, saying it was wrong. So out of all the different variations of Christianity it is the original version that is put to the test more than the others. If you are a follower of the original Gospel and find yourself in a situation where you will have to defend your faith or if someone is interested in learning your belief and asks you, "How is God real?" "is there a God?" "How do you know which god is real?" What will you say? Are you going to say that you can feel Him all around you or that you can feel Him in your heart and you just know? Are you going to say that you believe just because the Bible says so, and that's good enough for you? Well these answers aren't going to satisfy the audience of this generation. If you believe in the original Gospel then you are called to be an apologist. You must learn the scientific and historical facts about your belief. If you don't know them then you don't really know why you believe and you are blindly gambling with a belief when you don't have to because it's a sure thing.

If you would like to learn more proof of God using powerful apologetics and more about God and History, please consider "Master Science the search for God and His identity" It is a one of a kind book for apologists and people seeking God. The first section is about creationism (intelligent design) uses them to show proof of God. The second section "The History Of God" goes a little bit deeper into the subject of God and who God is. The second half is an eye opening God revealing section of the book and will keep you wanting to read more.
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